2011 Jeep Compass

2011 jeep compass fort worth

Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep, a premier Jeep dealership serving Fort Worth TX, is offering the 2011 Jeep Compass.

Jeep changed completely the Compass to create this astounding 2011 model. A completely redesigned front makes the car look more aggressive and beautiful at the same time. Combined with powerful engines, unbelievable fuel efficiency, a more elegant interior and superb safety measures, the Jeep Compass is able to satisfy almost any customer. Come to your Jeep dealer serving Fort Worth and test drive this prime vehicle!

2011 Jeep Compass for Sale in TX

The external transformation of the 2011 Jeep Compass in Texas is amazing. It is a complete redesign compared to last year’s offering. Gone is the old 2010 front design. In its place is a three-quarter scale Grand Cherokee front clip. Everything forward of the A-pillar is cosmetically new.

Jeep has put a lot of work into making the cabin more silent. They’ve succeeded. The Compass’ cabin is incredibly quiet for a compact crossover.

Another contributing factor to overall comfort are the changes in springs and dampers. Spring rates are up 20 percent and the dampers at each corner are similar in design to those used on the Grand Cherokee; they employ built-in rebound springs to better control ride motion. The front and rear stabilizer bars are also stiffer by about 10 percent. The result is a more buttoned down ride and improved on-road handling.

Powertrains and Performance

The 2011 Jeep Compass for sale at Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep provides two different engines to choose from: a 2.0-liter engine that makes 158 hp and 141 lb-ft and a 2.4-liter capable of 172 hp and 165 pound-feet of torque.

The 2.4-liter provides a decent acceleration, going from full stop to 60 miles per hour in approximately 9 seconds. Throttle response has been vastly improved from its 2010 counterpart.

All of the above mattered little when we pointed the Compass off-road. Any Compass can now be equipped with the proper kit to be “Trail Rated,” a Jeep-calculated metric that factors in many characteristics such as approach angle, departure angle, break-over angle and ground clearance.

Trail Rated Compasses ride one inch higher than standard editions. This Jeep will tackle tougher off-road adventures than most of its potential buyers would ever dare attempt.

The driveline for Trail Rated Compass models includes a dedicated CVT unit that has a lower off-road-only “gear” that offers a 19:1 crawl ratio. When this ratio is engaged along with the 4WD Lock switch (that engages the rear Electronically Controlled Coupling for the rear differential for a fixed 50:50 torque split), the Compass can pull itself through some tough stuff. The front and rear differentials are open, so torque is shifted side-to-side using brake intervention.

Interior Design and Special Features

The door panels and center armrest now feature soft-touch surfaces. These changes significantly improve one’s initial impression of the interior and facilitate long-distance comfort. The slightly elevated view forward is also good, helping make the Compass feel easy to drive.

Feel free to visit Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep, a prominent Jeep dealer serving Fort Worth TX, to obtain additional information concerning the 2011 Jeep Compass.

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